New and/or Interesting Boat Products!

Floating keys!


Not new, but I find this little device to be something everyone should be using to prevent their keys from sinking into Marianas Trench.

Boat Babysitter 1


This is just one of many, but the function is the same. Know when your shore power is off, batteries are low or simply when the high water alarm is activated.

NMEA 2000 inputs


There are several different models available from this outfit. Air Temp probes, Barometers, Humidistats, EGR... Nice info to have and easy NMEA 2000 setup.

Boat Babysitter 2

New boat products

Siren Marine's vessel monitoring. Good piece of mind between visits.

Bilge Pump Cycle Counter


Not a new product, but one that is not found on most boats but should be. 

Call Nick for a very neat installation for any one one of these electrical gizmos!